Ability Scores

There are 9 Ability Scores which together indicate your character’s physical, mental, and social capabilities. These three aspects are represented respectively by Strength, Dexterity and Constitution; by Intelligence, Wits and Awareness; and by his or her Charisma, Persuasiveness and Resolve.

  • Strength (Str) is your character’s physical power.
  • Dexterity (Dex) on the other hand is their agility as well as her hand-eye coordination.
  • Constitution (Con) represents their ability to withstand physical attacks and ailments
  • Intelligence (Int) is their raw mental power, their ability to process and memorize complex information.
  • While Wits (Wit) is akin to a mental agility: their ability to think quickly on their feet.
  • Awareness represents how conscious they are of their surroundings.
  • Charisma (Cha) represents their social presence, how easily they can stand out in a crowd, hold someone’s attention, and use this to move someone.
  • Persuasiveness (Per) is their ability to convince or manipulate somebody else.
  • Resolve (Res) represents your character’s willpower.

There are many ways of assigning your attributes. The standard one is the Hero Array. The normal human array for these attributes is -2, -1, 0 / -1, 0, +1 / 0, +1, +2. That is, one of these numbers would be assigned to each of the attributes. However the characters you are playing are extraordinary people. They’re heroes. So you’ll be using the heroic array, which is -1, 0, +1 / 0, +1, +2 / +1, +2, +3.

You can arrange these however you’d like, but it can be helpful to split them up in groups. As you can see above I’ve organized them into groups of three. You can have

  • the physical attributes (the Athlete): Str, Dex, Con;
  • the mental attributes (the Thinker): Int, Wit, Awa; and
  • the social attributes (the Charmer): Cha, Per, Res.

Or you can organize them as,

  • the potency attributes (the Champion): Str, Int, Cha;
  • the manoeuvring attributes (the Expert): Dex, Wit, Per; and
  • the resilience attributes (the Defender): Con, Awa, Res.

You can choose to distribute your abilities into one group above, then another, and then a last.

But maybe you’re a person that prefers to leave things to chance instead. Or maybe you’re not sure what to play yet, and you could use a nudge in the right direction. That’s why we have The Organic Roll. Simply roll 1d8 for each of your ability scores subtracting 4 each time. If you get four or more scores at -2 or less, you can always re-roll them all.

Ability Scores

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