“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet (III, i)

Characters are the core of the Wǫrld System. They are the masks from which the players and the game-master create an entire world and a story. The next section will guide you through the groundwork rules for Character Creation:

Take a look at this blank Character Sheet. This is the skeleton for your character, the structure. The flesh and all the good stuff is in your mind and in your words. It can be broken down into five sections:

  • Basic Attributes
  • General Skills & Talents
  • Combat Skills & Talents
  • Magic Skills & Talents
  • Equipment

Perhaps the most important bit here is the slot that says Concept. That is, what is your idea for your character broken down into just a couple words. Now you don’t have to begin from here, but this along with Beliefs, the physical Description, and Traits are good starting points. Another option is beginning with your Ability Scores.

Some other Basic Attributes are,

  • Health: Represents your physical health. To calculate your Health, add your Constitution score to the base human health which is 12. We’ll explain how Health Points work later in the Combat section.
  • Sanity: Represents your mental health. Base (12) + Resolve.
  • Speed: Represents how fast your character can move with one Action. Speed is measured in metres per action (6s). To calculate your Speed, just add your Dexterity score to the base human speed which is 12.
  • Response Points: Represent how quick you are to respond in combat situations. These dictate how many response actions you can take outside of your turn. You have 1 RP + your Wits score, to a minimum of 1. These are replenished at the beginning of your turn.
  • Will: Represents how good you are at resisting suggestions or compulsions. Base (2) + Resolve.
  • Reflexes: How quickly you react to what’s going on around you. Reflexes affect how early you start in a battle. Base (2) + Wit.
  • Fortitude: Base (2) + Con.
  • Age.

Have the basics down? Then you can move onto Experience and Adventures.

Need some help with ideas? How about making an…

  • Artist: Vancouver already had many writers, painters and such, many frustrated by the lack of media to output their efforts in.
  • Athlete:
  • Clergyman:
  • Criminal: Many criminals in Vancouver at this time were involved in smuggling alcohol into the US.
  • Doctor:
  • Detective: Private investigator or police detective.
  • Drifter:
  • Entetainer: There was a few large theatres in Vancouver. Jazz and swing were on the rise.
  • Journalist: The papers, and now the new “radio broadcasting” media are always looking for talented journalists.
  • Outlander: There were many who lives outside the limits of society and had occasional dealings with the citizens of Vancouver.
  • Policeman: for the Vancouver Police Department
  • Politician:
  • Professor: The University of British Columbia, opened 9 years ago, is currently being expanded and, with a great deal of encouragement by the students, is moving to Point Grey.
  • Sailor: Especially since the completion of the Panama Canal, Vancouver has become a thriving port.
  • Soldier: Hundreds and hundreds of men returned to Vancouver after the Great War six years ago, many of them shell-shocked.
  • Student: The University of British Columbia, opened 9 years ago, is currently being expanded and, with a great deal of encouragement by the students, is moving to Point Grey.


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