Experience and Adventures

Experience Points (or XP) indicate how much your character has learned and accomplished in terms of physical skills and concrete knowledge. As you advance in the story, you will likely gain more experience points, but at the beginning you start off with 3 XP. If your character is older, their Age will also affect their XP. With each XP you can buy,

  • +1 Ability Score (see: Cheatsheet),
  • 3 ranks in general skills and talents,
  • 3 ranks in combat skills and talents, or
  • 3 ranks in magic skills and talents.

In the story, your character will have Goals, and in their attempts to achieve these the GM will award more XP. You do not nescessarily have to accomplish a goal exactly how your character imagined it to gain experience. You will usually leave this section on your character sheet empty until after the first session.

Now you can explore ahead to Skills, Combat and Talents so that you can spend your XP. Note that your ranks in any skill cannot be more than your XP, and that you cannot have more talents than XP.

Experience and Adventures

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