Remember that you cannot have more ranks in a skill than you have experience points. Now Skills are split up into General Skills and Combat Skills.

General Skills are exactly what they sound like. Even before spending any XP, you get 1 + Int ranks (to a minimum of 1) to be spent in Language and Knowledge skills or specialties. Note that learning an alphabet costs 1 rank. For every XP you spend in these, you get 3 ranks in General Skills, General Talents, or in Specialties – that is, on specific uses of the skills. You must have at least one rank in a skill for each specialty you take in it. Anytime you are using that skill for that specific action you get a Bonus. Bonuses always add +2 to your draws and do not stack except for in very few cases (such as with Knowledge Specialties). They are canceled out by just one or more Penalties.

The General Skills are below. In brackets are the key ability score for each skill. Some examples of Specialties are given below each skill, though feel free to make up your own.

Acrobatics (Dex)
Specialties: Balance, Escape, Tumble, Jump,

Athletics (Str)
Specialties: Climb, Jump, Swim, Lift, Push, Toss, Endurance

Command (Cha)
Specialties: Dishearten, Intimidate, Interrogate, Seduce

Craft * (Wit)
Specialties: Appraisal, Forgery
You can use the Appraisal specialty even if you don’t have any ranks in Craft or Profession. It just counts as an untrained Awareness check.

Diplomacy (Per)
Specialties: Reason, Animals, Inspire, Seduction, Barter, Oratory, Befriend,

Deceit (Per)
Specialties: Misdirection, Lying, Disguise, Sleight of Hand, Innuendo, Deadpan,

Empathy (Awa)
Specialties: Lies, Emotions, Motives, Personalities, Relationships, Animals,

Expression * (Cha)
Specialties: Intrument, Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Composition, Song-Writing, Singing, Poetry

Knowledge * (Int)
Specialties: Research, sub-branches, Computer, Science

Language * (Int)
Language is the only skill for which you need not buy ranks, you simply buy specialties.
Specialties: various + cants (germania), æ = alphabets

Medicine (Awa)
Specialties: First Aid, Surgery,

Perception (Awa)
Specialties: Spot, Listen, Search, Scent, Traps, Memorize

Profession * (Wit)
Specialties: Appraisal,

Rig Device * (Wit)
Specialties: Locks, Traps, Cars, Ropes, Safe,

Stealth (Dex)
Specialties: Hiding, Quietness, Wilderness, Shadows, Sleight of Hand, Inconspicuousness, Conceal

Survival (Wit)
Specialties: Camouflage, Traps, Shelter, Specific Environments, Foraging, Navigation, Weather, Track

Transport * (Wit)
Specialties: Horse, Car, Bus, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Tank, Plane,

Skills mared with a * are Specialty-only skills. That is, you must also take a specialty when buying your first rank into that skill.

While you will still use general skills during combat, Combat Skills relate specifically to how good your character is at fighting. These are divided into Weapon Skills and Special Attacks. Though the main Weapon Skills are listed below, you can form your own according to different cultures, social classes, or training backgrounds your characters may come across.

Weapon Skills

  • Handguns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Heavy Firearms

Special Attacks

All of the Combat Skills are better explained in the Combat section.


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