You cannot have more talents than experience points.

Talent (Ranks)
Req: Requirements.


Alternate Identity (•)
Req: +1 Persuasiveness, Deceit •• + Disguise Sp.
You do not need to make a draw every time you’re pretending to be someone, only when another character suspects it.

Analyze Task (•)
Req: +1 Int
If you have a prolonged time to meditate on how to solve a problem, you can add your Int instead of another ability score to any given skill.

Animal Companion (• +)
Req: +1 Charisma, Diplomacy or Empathy • + Animals Sp.
You have grown attached to an animal. You treat them as your friend and equal, and through this connection the both of you have a special empathy. See the table below for powers. The effects of this talent and Familiar stack, but they apply to the same animal.

Ranks Power Animal XP
• Intuition: You have a feeling of where each other is and when you’re in dire danger. -2
•• Fondness: You’d never attack each other ever. -1
••• Communication: You can communicate pretty well without words. 0
•••• Teach Tricks: At this and other rank from now it learns one complex trick. 1
••••• Teach Talents: At this and every other rank from now you learn or teach one talent. 2

Lit of common animals by starting XP
-2 XP: badger, bat, cat, crow, lizard, pony, rat, songbird, toad, weasel, viper
-1 XP: ape, boar, camel, dog, eagle, hawk, horse, hyena, manta ray, monitor lizard, octopus, owl, wolverine
0 XP: bison, black bear, boa constrictor, cheetah, crocodile, dolphin, leopard, shark, wolf
1 XP: brown bear, hippopotamus, orca, rhinoceros
2 XP: polar bear, elephant, lion, tiger, whale

Block Mind (••)
Req: +2 Res
Your mind will partially or entirely shut down if you’re being forced to do something adverse to your beliefs against your will. Of course you can still be tricked into doing so.

Catfall (•)
Req: +1 Dex, Acrobatics • + Tumble Sp.
You can always take a 10 on Tumble draws to resist damage from falling.

Diehard (•)
Req: +1 Con, Endurance
You stay conscious even when you have no Heath points left, although you cannot move or exert yourself greatly.

Direction Sense (•)
Req: +1 Awareness, Survival •
You always know which way’s North.

Double Jump (•)
Req: +2 Dex, Acrobatics ••• + Jump Sp.
You can jump off of nearby structures.

Eidetic Memory (•)
Req: +1 Awa, Perception • + Memorize Sp.
You can remember things with an uncanny level of detail.

Encyclopedic Knowledge (••)
Req: +1 Int, Knowledge ••• + two different Sp.
You can make Knowledge checks without having the necessary Specialties, though you do not add your ranks to this draw.

Endurance (•)
Req: +1 Con
You do not tire easily. You need less sleep.

Environment Affinity (•)
Req: +1 Awa, Survival •• + specific environment Sp.
You are attuned to working in a certain terrain.
Take 10s.

Favoured Enemy (•)
Req: must have suffered great affront by that type of enemy.
You are particularly good at finding and fighting a specific type of enemy. You get a bonus on all attacks, Knowledge, Perception, Stealth, and Track checks made regarding them.

Great Fortitude (• +)
Req: +1 Con
Your body is particularly resilient. Increase your Fortitude by 1.

Hold Breath (•)
Req: +1 Con, Athletics •• + Swim Sp.
You can hold your breath for longer than usual.

Honest Looks (•)
Req: +2 Cha
People never doubt you unless you give them reason to, or they were already prejudiced against something about you. You can always take a 10 in Diplomacy, unless you are threatening the character.

Intuition (•••)
Req: +2 Awa
When faced with a concrete number of choices you can usually leave it to your intuition to steer you in the right direction. Give the GM a small number of options and your character’s desire. They then make a hidden Awareness check for your character. If it succeeds, he leads you in a correct path. On a critical failure, he always falsely leads you to the worst option.

Jack of All Trades (•)
Req: +2 Wits
You do not receive penalties for skills which you do not have any ranks in. And you can attempt skills which you would not usually be able to use untrained, but at a penalty.

Kip-Up (•)
Req: +1 Dex, Acrobatics •••
You can stand up as a free action.

Lightning Reflexes (• +)
Req: +1 Wit
You have particularly fast reflexes. Increase your Reflex by 1.

Perfect Balance (•)
Req: Acrobatics •• + Balance Sp.
You almost never lose your balance. You can always take a 10 on Acrobatics check to Balance yourself, unless someone is actively trying to make you lose your balance.

Quick Healer (•)
Req: +2 Constitution
You regain your health quicker than usual.

Runner (• +)
Req: +1 Dex, +1 Wit, Athletics •
You are a particularly fast runner. Increase your speed by two.

Sensitive Touch (•)
Req: +2 Awa, blind or deaf
Your sense of touch is extremely precise, allowing you to feel residual heat, slight vibrations, or identify textures immediately.

Skill Talent (•)
You gain an extra rank in this skill and your maximum rank becomes 2 more than your level. You can only take this ability once.

Special Rapport (•)*
You have an almost paranormal connection with another being.
*Both characters must take this rank. This talent has no effect until both of them have.

Striking Looks (•)
Req: +2 Charisma
There is something about your appearance that is somehow captivating. You can always take a 10 in Command checks against humans.

Strong-Willed (• +)
Req: +1 Res
You are particularly strong-willed. Increase your Will by 1.

Swift Tracking (•)
Req: +1 Awareness, Survival •• + Tracking Sp.
When tracking, you can move at your regular speed.

Swift Stealth (•)
Req: +1 Dexterity, Stealth •••
When sneaking, you can move at your regular speed.

Toxin Immunity (•)
You are immune to a certain type of toxin.

Toxin Resistance (••)
Req: +1 Constitution
You are resistant to poisons, toxins, diseases, and drugs (including common ones like alcohol). You get a bonus on Fortitude checks against these.

Weather Sense (•)
Req: Survival 1, Weather Sp.
You always know when bad weather is coming, almost instinctively, without actively looking for it.


Acrobatic Dodge (••)
Req: +2 Dex, Acrobatics •••
You can always use Acrobatics instead of your Dodge ranks.

Aim (••)
Req: Ranged Combat Skill ••
You can perform one well-placed ranged attack as a full-round action. Ignore cover. Add Awareness and Dexterity to attack.

Ambidexterity (••)
Req: +3 Dexterity
Whenever you use two meelee Attack actions in one turn, you get an extra attack with your main-hand weapon at the cost of a Response Action.

Blind Fight (• / ••)
Req: Perception •• + Sp.
When fighting blind treat all of your attacks as if your opponent is concealed, that is, any multiples of 3 are failures. Usually when fighting blind, you treat all of your attacks as if your opponents have cover, that is, any multiples of 2 are failures.

Charge (•)
Req: Meelee ••
When attacking an enemy with a melee attack, you can move twice in a straight line and attack your opponent in the same round.

Combat Finesse (•)
Req: +1 Dex, Weapon Group ••,
You may add your Dexterity instead of your Strength to melee attacks with light or natural weapons.

Far Shot (••)
Increase your range with that specific weapon group by one increment (from short to medium, from medium to long, from long to very long).

Fool’s Guard (•)
You seem tired and unable to keep fighting. You have actually readied an action to attack anyone who approaches you.

Fury (•)
Get an extra attack after dropping a target.

Half-Swording (•)
Req: Heavy Blades ••
Bonus to attack and damage. The sword must have one blunt side, a ricasso built in, or the character must be wearing gauntlets, otherwise the blade cuts into their hand dealing 1 point of damage every attack.

Heavy Armor Proficiency (•)
Req: +1 Con, Medium Armor Proficiency
You can wear Heavy Armor without the -4 penalty to Encumbrance.

Hidden Weapon (•)
Req: Quick Draw, Deceit or Stealth •• + Sleight of Hand Sp.
If your enemies have not seen the weapon you’re hiding, you automatically start first in a surprise round to attack them before them drawing Reflex for initiative.

Improved Blind Fight (•)
Req: Blind Fight, Perception ••• + Sp.
When fighting blind all of your attacks are treated normally. Usually when fighting blind, you treat all of your attacks as if your opponents have cover, that is, only 5s or 6s are Successes.

Improved Critical (•••)
Req: Weapon Group ••• of the specific weapon, Weapon Focus
Choose a specific weapon. You are particularly adept at delivering lethal blows with a specific weapon. Your critical range for attacks with this weapon is increased by 1 (from A to K, and so on).

Impromptu Sunder (•)
Whenever an opponent parries or shields against one of your blows you can turn this attack instead into a sunder.

Lethal Blow (••)
Req: Unarmed •••
You know how to aim your unarmed attacks at weak points. The critical range for your unarmed attack increases by 1 (from A to K, and so on) for every two ranks in this maneuver.

Manyshot (•• / ••••)
Req: Bows ••,
As a full round action you can shoot an extra arrow for every two ranks in this talent. Add an extra dice of damage for each arrow upon a hit. Don’t add your Dex to the attack.

Knifehand Strike (•)
Req: Unarmed •
Whenever making an unarmed attack, you can choose to make a knifehand strike. A knifehand strike has a critical threat of K, and deals regular damage.

Medium Armor Proficiency (•)
Req: Weapon Group •
You can wear Medium Armor without the -2 penalty to Encumbrance.

Mounted Combat (•)
Req: Transport • + Ride Sp.
You can attack while riding. When using mounted combat, you can apply your mount’s strength instead of your own. On a successful melee attack, double the damage dealt.
You can also guide your mount to dodge attacks? Use Transport instead of Dodge.

Multiple Strikes (•• / ••••)
Req: Unarmed ••,
As a full round you can make two unarmed attacks with an extra one for every two ranks in this talent (to a maximum of +2). Don’t add your Str or Dex to the attack draws.

Parry Projectiles (••)
Req: Unarmed ••••, Parry •

Powerful Blow (•)
Req: Unarmed •••
You can deliver particularly damaging strikes. When fighting unarmed, your damage increases by one dice category (from d4 to d6, and so on).

Quick Draw (•)
Req: +1 Dexterity, +1 Wit
You can draw or sheathe weapons as free actions twice in one turn.

Rapid Reload (••)
Req: Firearm skill or Crossbows ••, +1 Dex
Once per round, you can reload a light or a hand crossbow as a free action, and a heavy or a repeating one as a single action. You can reload a firearm with a manual reloading mechanism as a free action, one with no reloading mechanism as a single action, or one with slow reloading as a full-round action.

Rapid Shot (•• / ••••)
As a full round you can make two ranged bow attacks with an extra one for every two ranks in this talent (to a maximum of +2). Don’t add your Dex to the attack draws.

Response Points (•• / •••• / ••••••)
Req: +1 Dex, +1 Wit
Extra Response Points to a maximum of 3 bonus points.

Riposte (•)
Req: Parry ••, +1 Wit.
Every time you Ace a parry against an opponent, you can use a Response Action to attack them back.

Sneak Attack (•• / •••• / +)
Req: +2 Dex, Weapon Group ••
You can deal lethal damage to targets that are unable to stop or evade your attacks. For every two ranks in this maneuver, your attacks deal one point of lethal damage instead of normal damage, or normal damage instead of nonlethal damage. This maneuver however, does not allow you to do more damage than your attack normally would.

Spring Attack (•)
Req: Weapon Group ••, +2 Dexterity.
You can split up a Move action before and after an Attack.

Unarmed Disarm (•)
Req: Unarmed Fighting •••, Unarmed Parry
On any successful unarmed Parry, you can attempt to Disarm your opponent as well. If you succeed you can take up their weapon instead of simply letting it drop.

Unarmed Feint (•)
Req: Unarmed Fighting •, Feint
Once per round, you can feint as a free action when fighting unarmed.

Unarmed Parry (•)
Req: Unarmed Fighting ••, Parry •
You can block weapon attacks even when you’re not holding a weapon.

Weapon Focus (•••)
Req: Weapon Group •• of the specific weapon.
You specialize in a specific weapon. You gain a bonus on any checks made with this weapon.

Whirlwind Attack (•••)
Req: Ambidexterity, Weapon Group •••
When fighting with two weapons, you get one attack for each opponent within reach.

Magical Talents

Finally, we can take a look at Equipment.


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